EOT Cranes

Manufacturers & Exporters of EOT Cranes

We are specialized in manufacturing Electric Overhead Travelling cranes, which are widely used in steel furnaces, rolling mills, paper mills, pipe mills, power plants, cement industries, sugar mills and heavy engineering industries. E.O.T. cranes are available in following variants:

  • Double Girder
  • Single Girder
  • H.O.T. Crane
  • JIB Crane
  • Cane Unloader

EOT :Range/Tons Max / Min :0.5 to 150T                   Size / Mtrs Max / Min : 6 to 40 Mtrs
HOT :Range/Tons Max / Min :0.5 to 50T                    Size / Mtrs Max / Min : 6 to 25 Mtrs
JIB :Range/Tons Max / Min :0.5 to 5T                        Size / Mtrs Max / Min : 2 to 6.5 Mtrs with 360 rotation
Cane Unloaders with Feeder table : up to 15 tons.

Some of the salient features of our EOT cranes comprises of the following:

  • Tapered plate design for joining the end carriages to the girders which ensures smooth flow of stresses
  • Box type construction for bridge girders
  • End carriages are incorporated with L.T. wheels machined out of En-8 forged blanks and mounted on 'L' type    bearing housings with anti-friction bearings
  • All the overhead cranes confirming to IS 807, IS 3177 and IS 4137

Optimum quality of our EOT cranes is apparent from the following aspects:

  • High efficiency: Designed for high speed operation to ensure increased productivity,to minimize losses and to increase overall efficiency.
  • Smooth operation is ensured by:
    • Gears having precision hobbed teeth which are subjected to heat treatment.
    • Machined components checked by limit gauges.
    • Antifriction bearings on all high speed rotating parts.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    • Easy accessibility of parts requiring maintenance.
    • Minimum number of maintenance parts are used in the crane.
    • Easy to remove and replace wearing parts.

Further, our rigid inspection and testing of raw material includes ultrasonic testing & radio graphing of weldments. We also perform several tests at various processes of manufacturing to ensure unfailing dependability. We also offer remote control operated and computerized EOT cranes. infra red and radio frequency remote controls are available.

  • Infrared Remote range - up to 50 mtrs
  • Radio frequency Remote Range - up to 500 mtrs

We are also build customized Hoists and Cranes as per the requirements of our customers.