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Flameproof cranes are mostly used in areas where the crane is exposed to explosive gases. All parts of the crane system are forged from the highest quality raw materials to deliver time-tested performance.

The drive in our flameproof cranes consists of flameproof motor, brakes, switches, control panels and push buttons. All electrical fittings are also flameproof and are suitable for Gas groups I, II A and II B.

Flameproof/Explosion protected technology is used in many industries such as Chemical and petro-chemical, mining, power generation, food and pharmaceutical industries, e

Standards lS 3177, IS 807, IS 2148, IS 3938
Capacity Up to 50 Tons.
Span Up to 30 Mts.
Lift Up to 20 Mts.

25 years of Shivpra Cranes