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With a repute of manufacturing and supplying high load bearing Gantry Cranes of varying sizes over years, Shivpra has acquired a widely diversified client base. Predominantly used in outdoor yard they are also utilized in indoor operations, they offer distinctive lifting flexibility. They are highly adaptable cranes that are used in a wide variety of purposes across every field.

Our Gantry cranes are manufactured with high load bearing capacities and come in varying sizes.

These cranes are used across various areas such as Ports, Shipping yards, Ship Building industries, Construction sites, Irrigation projects, Dams and Scrap Yards, etc.

Their low maintenance designs and cost effective operations allow for very heavy duty operating hours.


Standards lS 3177, IS 807
Capacity Up to 200 Tons
Span Up to 65 Mts.
Lift Up to 250 Mts.


25 years of Shivpra Cranes