Manufacturers & Exporters of Hoists

Electric wire rope hoists are manufactured in compliance to IS 3938 to meet class I & II duty applications. Our hoists are robust, reliable and are ideal for even heavy duty applications. Hoist motor, brakes, electrical control gears & trolley drive unit are easily accessible. This simplifies repairs maintenance cost and down times. Spur / Helical gears are running in oil bath lubrication. Motor are crane duty confirming to IS 325. A. C. Electromagnetic FAILTO - SAFE SHOE/ DISC type brake for hoisting motion which ensure perfect safety in case of power failure. Our hoists can also be built with micro speed arrangements. (10% of normal hoisting speeds), flexible trolley to negotiate small radius curved path, with higher speeds and higher lifts.

CAPACITY: 500 kg to 20,000 kg.

Monorail type up to 15 ton cap

  • Fix Suspension type
  • Hoist with Hand - Push trolley type
  • Hoist with motor driven trolley type
  • Trolley can be adjusted for various flange width.

Double rail trolley type (crab) up to 100 ton cap

  • Compact Design & high Safety Level
  • Wide selection of operation speed
  • Easily Accessible cut down repair time