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Steel mill duty cranes are heavy duty, high-speed cranes that are built for continuous operation. At Shivpra, we design each of these cranes from the ground up, keeping in mind the requirement of customers.

These cranes operate in very harsh conditions with high temperature in a dusty environment and due to the extremely rugged nature of work that they are built for; they are given the cream of our resources.

Hundreds of Shivpra manufactured Steel mill duty cranes are working to the satisfaction of our customers in various steel plants. Repeated orders from them are a testimony of their satisfaction towards our product.

A thorough understanding of the plant followed by customized designing, fabrication, timely delivery and dedicated after sales service has helped us achieve the customer base that we now enjoy.

Standards lS 4137, IS 807
Capacity Up to 200 Tons.
Span Up to 65 Mts.
Lift Up to 250 Mts.


25 years of Shivpra Cranes